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Many of us follow the saying “true beauty lies within”, which i agree is partially true, but deep down in our hearts we all want to look and feel healthy, beautiful, and confident. InShape started as an answer to this quest. Iwanted to provide my clients with a wealth of services that would help them always stay “InShape”; physically, psycologically, and spiritually. And this exactly is why after ten years of growth; we have become leaders in our field, because we managed to help thousands of visitors discover their hidden beauty by providing safe, swift, and stunning solutions.
We wish you an exciting and fruitful visit at InShape Clinic

InShape clinics is founded by Dr. Hani Nabil. – InShape started over ten years ago as a health and beauty clinic. Ever since, InShape has been recognized as one of the most important pioneers of providing wellness and beauty services in Egypt. InShape has grown today into a full-fledged healthcare group, providing comprehensive wellness-of-being services through five specialized clinics: Cosmetics, Skin Care, Nutrition, Obesity Surgeries, and Dental Care. Our clinics are located in Mohandesin, Zamalik, New Cairo, Rehab, 6th of October, and Alexandria.

Happy Clients We Served

With over 57,000 clients in hand, we have served and helped our clients achieve their goals and become who they want to be. We are always there for our loyal clients and help bring out what’s best in them.

I was recommended to go to InShape by my sister. Thank you so much for finding a way to create excellent quality cosmetic services that gave me what I needed! Your cosmetic services are fantastic!
Noha Ahmed,

I went through 6 LPG sessions. I was met with friendliness and hospitality, my doctor was very professional. The treatment was efficient. Although I was recommended 12 sessions for better results, yet right after my first one I already felt my skin smoother

Aya Mustafa,


To help our clients achieve the healthiest and most beautiful look and feel they aspire for through providing comprehensive, customized, and professional wellness and beauty services in a safe, luxurious, and friendly environment.

Are we different? Yes we are!

Why is InShape the place to go? Well, here are a few reasons:

Our Team

At InShape, we are different in so many ways, yet one of our strongest assets is our team. Not only is our team of experts lead by regional renowned names, including Dr. Hani Nabil himself, but also all across our clinics and branches, we recruit only professional doctors. At InShape, no procedure is trivial; every service you get is given by a qualified doctor who has received sufficient training on the latest technology we provide. Our services are top notch and unified all across our branches.

InShape Beauty Guide

At InShape we are always keen to provide you with the best healthy choices and lifestyle options. In addition to our customized wellbeing services, professional team, and fully functional call center; in this section we provide you with stuff to better guide you on how to lead the balanced life you need.
Enjoy our deliciously healthy recipes, easy to follow tips, and high-value nutrition advice!

Stay Beautiful…Stay Guided


InShape takes pride in being one of the first and foremost clinics to provide beauty and wellness advanced technologies in Egypt. Our customers enjoy the latest state-of-the-art technologies that help you maintain an attractive young and healthy looking body. Some of the technologies and procedures we provide are one-of-a-kind in Egypt, this includes:

Moller, Vaser, Smart Lipo, Cavitational Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab, SmoothShape, Fractional Laser, PRP stem cells (Platelets rich plasma), Candela Gentlelase, Crystal Dermabrasion, Thermage, Cryolipolysis