Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy

Data Policy:
Dear Customer,
We are glad to have you at inShape Medical Clinics, by being inShape customer you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy Notice

This Privacy Policy Notice describes the type of information necessary for inShape Medical Services and all its assets (including this website and mobile application) to gather from you in order to process your online booking requests and/or provide you with the services offered by inShape Medical Services, Policy concerns the handling of customer personal information; this includes the collection, storage, access, use, updating, disclosure, disposal, destruction or any other processing of such information.

The purpose of gathering information from the customer serves the purpose of operating our business & enhancing our customer experience.

inShape Medical Services is entrusted with the confidentiality of thousands of customers’ communications and for managing an immense volume of personal information. We continue to foster the trust and confidence of customers in the way we handle their personal information and provide services.

This Privacy Policy Notice is modified in Nov. 2020 and effective from Nov. 2020. If policy is modified again, an update will be posted on our website.