Mesotherapy for Hair

Mesotherapy for Hair

Do you want thicker, stronger and better looking hair without surgery? Are you interested in preserving your hair and regrowth of your weak hair to its former healthy appearance?

Long-term exposure to harmful environmental factors, stress, smoking, medications and sunlight leads to reversible changes in hair. Mesotherapy makes it possible to reverse or stop many negative changes and is an important component of anti-aging medicine.
Mesotherapy is a highly effective non-surgical solution to hair loss and can help increase the thickness and condition of weak, dull hair.

What is mesotherapy for hair?
Mesotherapy is a treatment that stimulates the natural regeneration processes. It is a method of treating various skin disorders by introducing small doses of medicinal substances directly into the target area.
Excessive hair loss is often a problem for both men and women. Women realize the first signs of baldness in themselves sooner and faster than men. The effectiveness of treatment in the case of women is satisfactory, but sometimes it takes several months to see results.
Mesotherapy for hair loss involves the introduction of surfactants into the scalp that stimulate growth and prevent hair loss (mainly anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and nutrients). Medicines are selected on an individual basis, to meet the needs of the patient.
Scalp mesotherapy is especially recommended for people who suffer from hair loss and alopecia.

What does the treatment include?
Scalp mesotherapy provides valuable benefits to improve hair quality, reduce hair loss and in some cases lead to new hair growth. It is a superficial injection into the scalp of substances that stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss (especially anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, nutrients, or platelet-rich plasma). During the treatment, a small amount of the mesotherapy formula for hair loss is injected directly into the scalp. While oral medications must pass through the digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream, the mesotherapy formulation is delivered directly to the follicles. This method doubles the effect of injected materials and can provide more effective results than oral or topical solutions alone.

What are the indications for treatment?
Lifestyle, diet and state of health greatly affect the appearance and volume of hair. Scalp mesotherapy is especially recommended for those who suffer from hair loss and alopecia. Excessive hair loss is a common problem among both men and women. Women recognize the first signs of alopecia more quickly and begin to treat this problem earlier than men.

– Indications: 

  • Hair loss due to improper diet
  • poor blood circulation
  • hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Excessive sunshine
  • excessive stress
  • alopecia

Is Mesotherapy for hair loss safe?
Yes, hair mesotherapy is safe and it is rare for patients to experience any side effects from the treatment. The precise formula recommended by experts and doctors with years of experience in the field of hair loss and restoration gives you the result you dream of.

– Side effects:

  • The scalp may become red or swollen
  • Minor bruising may sometimes appear

The problems disappear after a few days of treatment
Note any allergic reactions that occur after treatment as neglect can land you in a world full of trouble. Avoid alcohol for the next 48 hours, and if your doctor recommends any post-procedure care creams, be sure to take them!

Although the procedure may seem intimidating, it is actually not scary because it is non-invasive and easy to perform. Patients who have undergone Mesotherapy for hair regrowth generally experience minimal pain and hardly any discomfort, especially when compared to surgeries, which makes it an easy solution to get rid of excessive hair loss. It is a great procedure if you want to improve the quality and health of your hair as well, and you can be sure that if you decide to do it, it will give you the desired results.


Mesotherapy for Hair
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