Always choose laser

Always choose laser

Among body hair removal with wax, women’s razors, and other tools, we advise you to try the laser.
Laser is one of the most common methods of hair removal now, as it is an intense light focused on the hair follicles, and the pigment in the hair absorbs this light, destroying the follicle with repetition.
The laser focuses on the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle, burning the hair down to the roots, causing damage that impedes future hair growth. Keep in mind that since laser hair removal targets melanin, certain types of lasers may not be compatible with certain skin and hair colors, but after the emergence of different types of lasers, it is now possible to solve this problem.

Not sure if the procedure is the best for you?
We are here to answer all your questions about the pros and cons of laser hair removal like concerns about your skin tone or the safety of laser hair removal for the bikini area etc.
Before starting your first session (which will be one of several) let us explain the pros and cons of laser hair removal for you.

Is laser hair removal safe for all skin tones?
Yes, it is 100% safe, knowing that with different skin colors, the device used for the laser differs. Light skin with blond hair differs from dark skin with dark hair, or dark skin with blond hair.
Does the hair grow back?
For some people, laser hair removal provides permanent or semi-permanent results. Others may see a significant reduction in the amount and density of hair that grows back over time.
While permanent results are not usually achieved on the face, regrowth may not occur for years.
Results vary depending on several factors including the areas being treated and fluctuations in hormone levels.

So when can hair grow back?
In order to determine how long, it will take before your hair grows back, you need to understand your hair growth pattern.

What are the stages of hair growth?
Hair goes through four stages of growth. They are:
growth stage
Transitional phase
stationary phase
precipitation stage
At any given time, your hair goes through the four stages.
Laser hair removal works by vaporizing the hair under the skin and at the roots. For this reason, hair can only be targeted during the growth phase. That’s why it takes multiple treatments, spaced out, to reach all the hair growing in a particular place.

Is there anything you can do to prevent hair from growing back?
Hair regrowth can be limited by the re-laser procedure as needed.
If you have a condition such as PCOS, keeping your hormones balanced can help reduce the chance of hair regrowth.
You can help balance these hormones with medications such as metformin or dietary modifications, such as eating low amounts of carbohydrates.

Will repeated sessions of laser treatment eventually stop hair growth?
You may need 12 or more sessions to eliminate hair growth.
After that, you can resort to repeating once a year, for example. Some people may need a semi-annual repeat first, and others may find they just need a repeat every five years or more.

What can I expect before my treatment session?
Before the treatment session, you should get an initial consultation. During this consultation, your doctor will design a treatment plan for you based on your skin tone, hair color, and the body parts you will work on.
They will also discuss your medical history and the medications and supplements you’re currently taking.
They may advise you to stop taking certain medications and supplements temporarily and take other steps to prepare for laser treatment.

So, how do you prepare your skin for laser treatment?
We encourage you to shave before the laser treatment session, please note that it is important not to wax or pluck your hair during the laser sessions.
Waxing and plucking will make the laser treatment less effective because the hair is removed from the follicle. There will be no pigments in the treatment area for the laser to affects it.
Do not wax or pluck during the 72 hours before the laser treatment.
If you can’t go on without smooth skin, you can shave.
Again, you can only shave. Be sure to reduce the risk of skin irritation by using a clean, sharp razor blade and shaving cream. Moreover, you should moisturize your skin but avoid any scented products on the skin, and apply sunscreen.

Laser hair removal is a long-term way to get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body. Some people get permanent results. Which is more likely to happen on the body than on the face.
Hormonal fluctuations can also play a role in hair regrowth in some people.
But surely it’s still the best and safest way to remove hair.

Always choose laser

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