What do you know about laser hair removal?

What do you know about laser hair removal?

Do you realize the difference between traditional solutions to remove excess hair and laser hair removal?

When people first hear about laser hair removal, it seems like a dream come true. Technology that gives you a smooth, hair-free look forever? Laser hair removal seems like a magical cure.

Laser technology has changed modern hair removal methods. Instead of time-consuming shaving or painful waxing, laser hair removal is an effective way to remove unwanted body hair for a long time. However, some doubts and rumors often revolve around it about whether it is safe or may cause serious complications?

We will now answer all your questions about laser hair removal.

  • When is the best time to start laser hair removal sessions?

Laser hair removal is allowed for any age, starting from puberty, and this is because it is completely safe.

  • Does laser hair removal cause darkening of the skin or the appearance of dark spots?

If the session is conducted by a specialized doctor and by choosing the appropriate temperature for each case, dark spots cannot occur.

  • Are you an ideal candidate for laser hair removal?

Of course, the more the nature of your hair follicles tends to be dark and dense, the better result you will find.

  • Can laser cause skin cancer?

Laser hair removal is a completely safe method that has nothing to do with skin cancer.

  • What should you do after laser hair removal?

To avoid potential side effects, you should protect your skin from sunlight.

Follow the doctor’s instructions to take the necessary treatments and lotions.

  • Do you need a recovery period after laser sessions?

No, you can continue your life normally, but be careful not to be exposed to the sun directly.

  • How much time do you need between one session and another?

This varies from person to person. Hair removal often requires a series of laser sessions. Most cases can perform laser hair removal once every 4 to 6 weeks. Your dermatologist will tell you when it is safe to have another session.

  • What is the nature of hair that laser deals with efficiently?

All laser devices deal with black or dark brown hair and do not deal with white or blonde hair.

  • What areas lasers are safe to work on?

The back
bikini area
upper lip

  • Does laser hair removal treats strawberry skin?

Yes, laser hair removal will help reduce the chances of getting strawberry skin. The reason for this is that the laser destroys your hair follicles in the first place. The laser emits light that targets your hair follicles. The intense heat of the treatment seals off the follicles and prevents future hair growth. And here two of your problems are dealt with. If there are no more follicles, there is no place for bacteria to accumulate and there will be no more ingrown hairs either.

What do you know about laser hair removal?

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