Benefits of stem cells for the skin

Benefits of stem cells for the skin


From burns and scars to acne, stem cell therapy can help you deal with most of these skin problems and get the best results.

Stem cell therapy is one of the best ways to deal with skin issues, like acne, burns, wounds, and more. Read on to know all about this technology that can work wonders for your skin.

Stem cells generally have two main characteristics that can give rise to specialized cellular lineages of cells and are capable of self-renewal for a long time.


Stem cells – natural skin tightening

Stem cells have been an important discovery in recent years. Aesthetic medicine uses stem cells for rejuvenation treatments, wrinkle removal procedures (so-called lipofilling), and alopecia (baldness) treatment. Stem cells are also successfully used in many other branches of medicine – in the treatment of joint diseases, spinal cord injuries, and neurological diseases.

Rejuvenation and tightening procedures using stem cells are among the most advanced and effective ways to reverse the aging process. Stem cells smooth wrinkles and lift sagging cheeks. Stem cell therapy helps discoloration and enlarged pores disappear. These “mutated” cells make patients look brighter and even several years younger.


Stem cells – not just a facelift

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can differentiate into specialized human cells with specific functions according to the body’s needs. They can globally respond to these needs, adapting seamlessly to new sites and functions.

Moreover, stem cells have a great ability to move toward weaker tissues or organs affected by disease. They are excellent at identifying the problem on-site and repairing any existing damage. Apart from that, the effects of stem cells are entirely normal.


Stem cells – skin tightening for years

Stem cells are flexible to deal with the surrounding environment and can split into the cells of the tissues where they have been injected. Due to their exceptional ability to divide, the amount of stem cells injected during the procedure undergoes long-term regeneration, to extend the active life of the cells even for years.

Stem cells can be used to rejuvenate the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. It also treats weak hair without damaging the skin or subcutaneous tissue. Appearance undergoes a gradual improvement by activating regeneration processes. Its effects become more noticeable week by week and gradually increase in intensity for a year after treatment.


Stem cells – how do they work?

The stem cells effect is more intense than that of PRP because they change old cells with new ones and stimulate blood supply to the skin. Stem cells guarantee overall regeneration, also restoring subcutaneous tissue and improving skin quality.

It also restores the cheeks, forehead, and temples naturally by lifting and filling these areas. As a result, the face is given a more youthful appearance.


What condition does skin stem cell therapy help?

Following are the medical conditions in which stem cell therapy may help:

Wound and burn healing

signs of aging

Benefits of stem cells for the skin
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