Eternal youth is the dream of every lady

Eternal youth is the dream of every lady


Let’s face it! We want to look our best at any age. We definitely want to age gracefully, beautifully, and looking our best. Fine lines and wrinkles appear as we age, and now there is a simple, minimally invasive treatment that addresses these concerns and allows you to go out for dinner the same night without any downtime or breaks.

What do you think, lady, of an advanced device that treats pores, tightens the skin, treats fine lines, and acne scars?

Vivace device for freshness and youthfulness of the skin It is the latest generation of micro-needling with frequency waves, and Vivace has been authorized by the FDA for your safety.

This minimally invasive technology stimulates the natural production of collagen and is shown to be effective in reducing facial wrinkles and fine lines, lifting and hydrating the face, neck and body.

Vivace treatment results

After one session, the changes appear clearly and noticeably, and after three sessions, you can expect the desired results.

For best results, it is advised not to wear makeup after the session. You must wait at least a day before applying any kind of cosmetics.

You should also be careful about sun exposure for at least 24 hours and refrain from excessive exertion. Because of the technologically advanced nature of Vivace skin rejuvenation treatment, you will see immediate results. Many people feel the possibility of practicing a normal life immediately after the session without the need for rest, and they feel satisfied with their renewed skin.

Vivaci treatment is based on microneedling technology with energy from frequency waves that works to rejuvenate the skin with a result that exceeds what any of the treatments offer in order to reshape the skin and reshape the skin tissue in a deeper way.

Many say the treatment was nearly pain-free with the numbing cream.

There is no downtime required afterward (compared to more intensive RF treatments such as Deep Wave Radiofrequency, which can take up to a week of recovery time).

Because Vivace microneedling RF technology delivers its frequency waves to the deeper skin layers, it is safe and effective for all skin tones.

is it painful?

While pain tolerance is individual, most people respond to the therapy well and without pain. An anesthetic cream with a formula specially formulated for this treatment is used to eliminate pain during the session. The procedure is not accompanied by any side effects, although the skin becomes red for one to two days. You can resume your usual activities immediately after treatment, without interruption or the need for special follow-up.

Vivace microneedling can be used to treat wrinkles, discoloration, acne scarring, and other types of scars. By enhancing skin’s natural healing elements, Vivace allows you to have the skin you’ve always wanted – without the invasive procedure

Eternal youth is the dream of every lady

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